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Excellent marketing network layout
Normalized procedure Systematic operation

Through the uniform and shared systematic operating platform and the comprehensive E-commerce service platform for bulk commodity, the enterprise can implement the central management to business flow, logistics, bills, documents and information flow to achieve the data standardization, dealing visualization, business collaboration, regulation integration, management centralization. Applying the OA/ERP office system to combing the operation procedure repeatedly, which can achieve more normative and smooth operation procedure and better office efficiency.



Consultant training Systematic office

With the consultative training mode for informatization, our staffs can search and operate enterprise data more convenient and efficient. The creation of Network platform, which realizes the seamless joint of business system, also, the integration of personal office pushes the data to desktop. Moreover, the synchronous support from smart device achieves the goal of informational and paperless office, consequently, laying a solid foundation for enterprise's sustainable development and competitive ablity.

Enhance the brand effectively Develop channel rapidly

This system has strong expansibility, which makes the business dealing more efficiency, simpler, and safer. The visual interface connect the warehouse and the owner of cargo, to reach self-synchronizing for service information. Reintegrating and adjusting the operation model to decrease the office cost, labor cost, marketing cost, and improving the enterprise prestige ,promoting the enterprise’s value and position in the industry, creating the core competitiveness,expanding the business channel. All above can make the enterprise get through and stand out in the new round of industry reshuffle and fierce competition environment.

The perfection of the information system construction
Flexible integrated system Intelligent management

Based on the conditions of giant data, cloud computing, internet technology as well as the risk control system, it has formed a centralized information platform and improved the working efficiency. Depending on the advantage of information management via IT, we establish the system and culture with the modern management standard, so that we could realize the specialized management, integrated operation, collectivized charge, one-stop supply chain of integrated service for steel products.


Optimization of the business procedure Concentrate on the modern office work

We adopt the technology like the video, the cloud server and the internet to realize the transaction data standardized, transaction process visualized, business synchronized, system integrated, it could effectively change the traditional business’s disadvantage pattern, accelerating the logistics circulation’s speed, quickening the fund turnover’s speed, so that the safety performance is enhanced, rectifying the staffs’ working procedures, improving the working efficiency, saving the operation cost, intensifying the ties between the enterprise and the end user.

Unique service Integrated operation

We build a series of integrated operation including trade and storing, processing and distribution, sales and finance, E-commerce according to the operating procedures and the industry particularity through the concept of IOT. Integrated operations guarantee the enterprise to provide the related service of storing, processing, supply chain, finance and overseas trade, accordingly it improves the enterprise’s core competence, service quality and efficiency as well as the customer’s satisfaction to ensure the steady growth of the company's business.


General management to lower cost and improve efficiency
General management to lower cost Improve efficiency

Starting from the strategic views of group companies, it completes the construction of the management structure systems of the Group and realizes the integrated planning, control, and applications of the dispersed resources of enterprises by using the Internet to control corporate behaviors, assist enterprises to make decisions, and help companies to achieve strategic goals and cross-regional collaborative management in a chain. On the other hand, it implements centralized management to build strategic decision-making system for enterprises top management , the tactical systems for enterprise management and middle managers, and the transaction-level system for the enterprise business unit, which guiding the enterprises from computer era to Internet of Things. As a result, truly help enterprises to achieve specialized operation, integrated operation and one-stop service.

Group inspection to achieve whole-process management & control

To achieve centralized management, it unifies the organization structure of the Group, the process control, authority distribution and control, financial management, approval management, financial management, budget control, cost management, risk management, financial control, budget control, cost control, coordination mechanisms, risk control and allocation of resources, etc. Also, it commits itself to realize the unification of financial data and business data, the whole-process and comprehensive management and monitoring of planning, using, tracking, controlling & analyzing process, and collectively coordinated management to improve the level of delicacy management, which is beneficiary to the implementation of the strategy, observation of policy, supervision and business of operations, as well as the optimization of resources allocation, cost efficiency, as well as the strengthening of risk management & control .

Decreasing the cost to make effective response

Centralized control and reasonable distribution, as well as the modernized information office system strengthens the Group's overall monitoring efforts, which enables the Group to enjoy the benefits of supply chain integration including lower operating & management costs, fast process in order to help enterprises focus on their core business, improve the core competence, good scalability, which will contribute to broader development of the enterprise.


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