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High temperature heatstroke prevention, Safety first

Time:2019-08-11 Source:huaye

Recently, the company has implemented detailed prevention heatstroke strategy to protect the health and safety of employees from the rising weather temperatures, ensure production safely.

First of all, the company has conducted training on high temperature prevention for employees, reminding employees do not shower directly in cold water after sweating and do not place themselves immediately at low temperature air conditioning room after working. On the contrary, it's necessary to protect ourselves that keeping a regular schedule, adequate sleeping, and a high mental state. In the on-site work, employees should take care of each other and ensure personal safety. Everyone could ask for a break timely if you feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, the company has supplied herbal tea and salt soda in the mailing rooms of Areas A and B. Front-line staff should timely replenish water and salt when they sweat a lot at work. There are medicines to prevent heat stroke. At the same time, towels were handed out and air conditioners in the dormitories were repaired.

Finally, employees must improve their safety awareness. It is necessary to wear safety helmet and fasten safety buckle when working in the workshop. Checking the fire extinguishers in the hazardous chemicals room to make sure they are working properly. At the same time arranging electricians to check the circuit regularly, one by one, to ensure the safety of the company's electricity.





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