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Ensure Production Safety

Time:2019-09-23 Source:huaye

Our company has maintained a good production safety for a long time, and all members attach great importance to safety issues. For the safety training organizing by the government, our company responds positively. It carries out safety training work regularly, explains the precautions of the workshop, and publicizes the employees through the warning film. In order to ensure a safe production environment, our company has carried out the following work.

First of all, training employees to form a sense of safe operation and correct safety operation habit, and standardizing the operation behavior of employees, so that they can apply production safety knowledge into practice. Employees shall wear protective equipment and operate the machine according to the equipment operation specifications. On-site workers should pay attention to stand on the side when unpacking, so as to protect their safety. At the same time, employees should also supervise and assist each other to better avoid safety risks.

Second, arranging personnel to inspect the workshop, checking the anti-decoupling device and the production line fence, checking the use of spreaders and so on. The send-receive team shall check the wooden frame under the steel coil, and ensure the goods in the warehouse are in order.

Finally, implementing of fire drill work. It is necessary to check the fire extinguishing devices in each area of fire passageway, so as to ensure the switch of fire extinguisher and water valve are normal. All the employees shall ensure the safety guarantee work is in place.





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