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Doing security management, Welcome 2020

Time:2019-12-31 Source:huaye

2019 has been passed, during the past year, our company was paying attention to security of manufacture、security of management and security of system. Making sure that security risks discovered in time and security issues solved in time. In 2019, our company has no major safety accidents. After year, we will keep strengthening safety management and raising production safety requirements. Ensuring that production without accidents in 2020.

For now, in order to that aim, our company has been finished those following work:

1.Checking the crane condition and equipment usage. Ensuring that the crane don’t have brake pad failure and wire rope abrasion. Warning security rules to each crane runner.

2.Supervising security personnel. Let security personnel understand what must be checked carefully and follow the rules and regulations strictly, forbidden them do anything irrelevant to work during working hours.

3.Checking the date safety of company adequately, especially for the security of the external interface in the company database, to ensure the security of the company's network data.

4.Cleaning the mill and office, including spider web on wall, corner dust, windows blot and so on must clean up. Doing a good job of basic work to improve the factory appearance and safety.

As you can see, in our company, everyone learns rules of safety, everybody talks about safety, everything makes sure safety. Safety awareness has been accepted by every employees in anytime. Even if it makes cots rise, or works busy, we will never give up security requirements.

Because, Best Security makes Best quality, our company will keep working safety and supplying the best product.

Happy new year.





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