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HUAYE experience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Time:2020-04-24 Source:huaye

At the macro level of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,in order to meet this challenge, the Chinese government has responded positively. Last year, A lot of initiatives have been launched to improve the business climate. These included cutting Value added tax for the manufacturing from 16 percent to 13 percent and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Benefiting from the government's policy. HUAYE can put more efforts in the transformation to digital and smart technology, green production, security of manufacture, and workers training, such as:

First, making sure that technical solutions can be extended and evolved. To succeed in the vertiginous Fourth Industrial Revolution, our company has been operated in a new way. Using and developing smart process, taking a strong focus on identifying problems and then creating solutions. Our company uses new integrative operating systems that incorporate combinations of technology in an agile approach to continuous iteration. It can create new ways to not only improve efficiency but also scale new solutions across the entire company.

Second, focus on training and enabling workers. Any technological solution must consider the effects on workers and put people first. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our company leverage internal and external expertise to reskill their workforce, making sure everyone receive continuous capability building, guidance and training. In the end we hope Everyone in the processing center has a license, can operate the processing equipment, and can arrange knives. Everyone in the customer service department can produce orders.

Third, optimize efficiency to drive sustainability and keeping security management to protect perfect product. As usual manufacturing is a waste of raw materials, and it also causes a lot of pollution. Besides hazards often threaten production safety and efficiency. To solve environmental protection problem, our company Increases in efficiency driven by technology and reduces materials consumption. To solve security problem, our company keep paying attention to security of manufacture、security of management and security of system.





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