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The advantages of systematic work

Time:2020-05-08 Source:huaye

As the resumption of production progresses, manufacturing production activities continue to maintain momentum. Although the recovery of demand is weaker than that of production and the uncertainty of import and export market is increasing, the domestic economy continues to recover.

In order to ease the funding difficulties of resuming production, the People's Bank of China took the lead in setting up a special re-loan of 300 billion yuan to support financial institutions in providing preferential credit support to some key enterprises, the China Banking Regulatory Commission encourages financial institutions to temporarily postpone the repayment of principal and interest on loans to small and micro enterprises...A package of financial incentives has given industry a breather.

The advantage of Huaye’s system enhanced the staff's work enthusiasm and service attitude. With the policy support from the government, trading was generally good in the first quarter. Although the foreign trade business lagged behind the output of the same period last year, the domestic trade has exceeded the level of the same period last year. The value of franchisee processors in Shanghai, Tianjin, Changshu also exceeded the level of the previous year.

The advantage of Huaye’s system is reflected in the business production, the output value of the workers' work can be seen on the phone every day.They know what they want to do and the benefits after doing it. The visualizing data promotes the initiative of their work.

The added value of China's manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for many years, if the world factory slows down for a long time, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the global supply chain and the world economy.

The return to production is not simply a repetition of the past, but a struggle towards high-quality development. Good epidemic prevention and promote the resumption of production, reflect the corporate responsibility of Huaye.





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