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Conduct Safety Training and Organize Safety Drill

Time:2019-05-24 Source:huaye

In order to do a good job in safety of production , recently our company organized employees to conduct safety training and safety drill. The safety training mainly focused on the safety of machinery, on-site environment and employees:

First of all, crew members should devote energy to maintenance of machinery regularly in daily work, so as to reduce failure rate of machinery. The machinery in the workshop must not be started at will. It is necessary to operate machinery in accordance with the operating specifications to ensure safety of the machinery and operation. Secondly, the employees should be diligent in discovering the safety hazards existing at the production site. Once founding safety hazards, employees will solve them timely, thus ensuring the safety of the environment of operation. Finally, all employees need to improve the awareness of safety, and keep minds clear and mentally active, and wear protective equipment such as safety helmets according to company regulations. In addition, employees in various positions were explained in detail about the emergency reaction through safety training.

After the safety training, all employees conducted safety drills for various emergencies. In the process, all employees maintained calm and reacted rapidly under sudden conditions, so handled the sudden conditions effectively. Meanwhile everyone further masters the use of emergency rescue facilities through this drill.





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