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Do a good job of garbage classification, Create a clean factory environment

Time:2019-07-15 Source:huaye

Recently, the government introduced the policy of garbage classification. Our company responded to the government's call actively and carried out policy announcements timely. Now garbage classification has been further implemented in daily work, and the environmental protection facilities have been perfected. It ensures a clean working environment in the factory and maintains normal production.

First of all, carrying out propaganda and strengthened learning. Our company held a meeting, issued documents, organized knowledge training and other forms of garbage classification propaganda. Through this way, employees’ awareness have been improved effectively, and employees can follow the rules strictly in garbage classification.

Secondly, implementing it in practice. The work area should be kept tidy, and the products should be placed in an orderly manner. Our company has bought more environmental protection classification dustbin, pasted classification mark in time, done prompt remind work.

Finally, strengthening the supervision and carrying on the continuous improvement. Inspectors conduct inspections to ensure that the garbage sorting work will be carried out effectively and continuously. Everyone should supervises others, and maintains the safe and clean factory environment together.





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