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Do Well in Rainy and Snowy Weather

Time:2019-01-02 Source:huaye

Recently, there are more rains and snows, and the weather is cold. Please pay attention to safety and warmth.

Firstly, the road surface is easy to freeze and skid in rainy and snowy weather. In order to prevent injuries, everyone should obey the traffic rules on the way to and from work, and pay attention to driving safety. Secondly, please add clothes in time and do a good job of warmth, so as to ensure our health. This is an important prerequisite for doing job well. In addition, the company prepared ginger tea with brown sugar to keep out the cold. Two buckets were put in the machine repair group for workshop and office personnel to drink. One bucket was put in the customer service group for the delivery drivers to drink.

In the field of on-site basics, the following things should be done:

Firstly, the temperature drop is likely to cause machines freezing and wires hardening. It is necessary to check the hydraulic oil and wires of all machines in advance. After starting the machines every morning, the chief operator must first preheat the equipment to ensure that machines can run normally. Secondly, do a good job in disaster prevention of the rainy and snowy weather in winter, such as strengthening the shed and reinforcing the trees in the factory area with wood. Do well in rain prevention in the workshop, so as to ensure the safety of equipment, tools, finished products and other materials in the workshop. Thirdly, due to the recent rainy weather, there may be cement on the shoes of crew members. Please pay attention to the way of packing and avoid the footprints formed on the oil paper.





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