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Safety in Production

Time:2019-04-22 Source:huaye

Recently, the workers of safety inspection institution came to our company for inspection. The inspection result shows that our company meets the safety production standards of enterprises. The inspection results are the proof of standardizing operation, focusing on the foundation of the production site, and guaranteeing of production safety strictly. The key points of safety production are as followed:

First of all, during production and processing, crew members shall ensure own safety. When working on site, crew members shall always pay attention to the site operating environment, pay attention to own station position, standardize the operation process, so as to ensure own safety. Crew members, external drivers and customers must wear a helmet when entering the workshop. Secondly, in order to ensure that the equipment is trouble-free, it is important to pay attention to inspection and maintenance of equipment, do a good job in the record. Only in this way can we avoid safety problems that caused by equipment failure. The crew members should turn off the machine and equipment in time when ending the daily work. Finally, as for the safety problems on the site, the crew members must actively feedback, timely rectify the hidden safety problems on the site, and do a good job in safety prevention.





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