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New Year's Goal: Improve Service Quality and Pay Attention to Production Safety

Time:2019-02-25 Source:huaye

The new year has begun, and all employees should work together to improve the quality of production and processing, so as to enhance the total output value.

First of all, we should continue to improve the quality of service. Attention should be paid to maintaining a good personal image, standardizing wear, and the production and processing personnel should timely replace work shoes and work clothes. The company advocates smiling service and courtesy to others. We should communicate with customers accordance to standard terms, prohibit uncivilized language, and be patient, careful and considerate in the process of communication.

Secondly, we should pay attention to production safety and continue to strengthen safety training. It is necessary to carry out on-the-job safety training for new employees, so as to comprehensively explain the company's safety operation practices. The new employees can start work only after qualified training. For on-the-job employees, regular safety training should be carried out to enhance their acknowledge of safety production and raise their awareness of safety. For example, when operating a vehicle, it is necessary to standardize operation, ensure that the vehicle runs within a safe range, no personnel passes through the lifting area, the lifting gear are in good condition, the hook and sling are installed in place. Only in this way can we ensure the safety and stability of the lifting process.





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