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Summarize 2018 and Do a Good Job in 2019

Time:2019-01-14 Source:huaye

The year 2018 has passed by. All staff should make a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of our working status, saturation, effectiveness and other aspects in this year, so as to give full play to our advantages, recognize and overcome our shortcomings. Only in this way can we improve our ability and perfect ourselves quickly.

In the new year, the staff should continue to maintain a good mental outlook and working status. Everyone should have a correct attitude, work conscientiously and carefully, and enhance personal responsibility. It must always maintain good quality of processing service and communicate in time if there are problems, so as to maintain customers well, and improve processing efficiency and total value of production. While increasing total value, cost control should be done well. Old steel strips and oil paper on production line should be tidied up well, and remaining materials should be stored in designated areas. Then we should try to reused the materials as much as possible. It is important to pay attention to inspection and maintenance of equipment, and make records. So can we maintain good condition of equipment and reduce maintenance costs. When ending the daily work, the crew members should turn off the machine and equipment in time, and the functional personnel should turn off the air conditioners and lights in the office in time. The sense of saving should always be implemented in our daily work.





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