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Standardize Safe Operation, Do your Own Job Well

Time:2018-01-26 Source:huaye

At New Year is approaching, it’s common that everyone is so excited, but we should pay more attention to on-site safety. We should fully cooperate with the safety inspectors when they are checking in our company, and the safe production and operation should also be kept all the time after the inspection. The inspection and maintenance of special equipment should be carried out normally, and the equipment operators should standardize the use of safe operations. Before the new year, we all must prepare our own frequently-used items and tools to avoid affecting the processing progress because of the shortage of accessories or incomplete accessories supplies. Each employee on site must have the ability to predict in advance about your process of producing and the materials you need. At present, the three crew lines such as Liu Longhua, Xu Baofei, Ke Shanhui’s have better predictive ability. With tacit cooperation and high efficiency of production and processing, all processes for their teams can be prepared in advance, and mastery of on-site operation is also timely and effective so that comprehensive qualities of other crew members are also gradually upgrading, and can learn the strengths of colleagues to correct personal deficiencies.

All departments in the company have a clear division of labor and should perform their own duties. Each department should complete daily work step by step. Today's work should be completed today without any procrastination. We should concentrate our efforts on fine work and fine workmanship with high speed and quality. Also, it is necessary to ensure the qualities of personnel to meet the company's needs and standards during the recruitment of workers. High-quality staff is the company's wealth and can reserve force to achieve broader development. The company will place an emphasis on every talent, giving everyone a platform to play their own talents. Everyone should put his heads together and love his profession, and actively put their own power to contribute to the development of our company. The company grows with each of us, and we also make brilliant achievement with the company.





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