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Improve Quality,Focus on Safety

Time:2018-03-16 Source:huaye

Recently,processing orders have been increasing continuously while processing quality can not be declined. Processing lists should be reviewed carefully and precise measurement of the products’ size is necessary before processing. The machine should be operated at a reasonable speed, which can be accelerated gradually when the process is stable. At present, the processing business has successively performed in its peak season which means an opportunity of increasing process revenue. Therefore we should ensure processing quality and decrease glitches as well as curing selvedge of steel products during processing in order not to let any quality objections of customers appear. At the moment, our customers have high quality requirements on the products, so it’s necessary to check them one more time before delivery. At the same time, the customer service staff need to improve their carefulness when reviewing the orders, and communicate and confirm with others in time if there is any problems.

The security operation on site is always the most important. According to the notices from the relevant government departments, we require every staff once again to take personal safety precaution measures, dress accurately and use personal protective equipment to cooperate with security inspection and do 6S hygiene rectification of the units. Equipment department should review the brake system of the equipment in the workshop, check the completeness of brake pads and test the sensitivity of the brake. Meanwhile, if there are aging failure in the chains of the driving spreader, they must be timely repaired and replaced. The personnel and administrative depart has the responsibility to check if the fire extinguisher is expired or empty. If there is any need to change the extinguishers or fill them with the powder in time, take regular Inspection and make the inspection records seriously.





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