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Processing efficiency and Staff salary have overall improvement in 2017

Time:2018-01-12 Source:huaye

At the moment, the overall processing efficiency on site is higher than the previous period. The backlog of processing orders before mainly lies in that all orders are concentrated in a few production lines to process, but now the efficiency has been greatly enhanced, it is because the orders are almost equally distributed on all lines and then the staff can complete the orders one after another in time, which result in high shipping rate that can ensure the delivery time. The processors work actively and hardly, and there is no such phenomenon in which someone shirk his work and choose some orders not to do. The working conditions of the staff are greatly improved. What’s more, the packaging standards of every unit are increasingly standardized up, such as pickling and small-size cutting line, pickling and striping line and small-size flying shears line. Oil paper are folded neatly and goods are packaged regularly. The work state from now on should be sustained continuously.

In 2017, the overall salary of employees has been raised. Everyone's salary has been gradually increasing, no matter the functional staff or the front-line workers. There is a relatively faster increase in the income for some of them, which is the reward for their hard work. This is also through our own hands by above-board ways. Based on the existing corporate platform, we not only increase the revenue but also improve our own overall quality. When we get back to our hometown during the Spring Festival, we can reflect our differences with others. At the moment, the management personnel are gradually promoted from the front line to the present position. It is impossible for them to get this position without any efforts. We must keep pace with the development of the company, learn how to do the basic management well from other excellent branches, and continue to carry out and perfect some of the detailed tasks.





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