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Safety First, Quality Second

Time:2018-02-09 Source:huaye

As the Spring Festival is approaching, processing and production of our company has entered the home stretch. The more it is the critical time at the moment, the more important you need to control the production quality. To guarantee the accuracy of auditing processing data, the salesmen are now required to review the data of the processing orders for their own customers, all orders submitted to the main operator must be reviewed again. At present, because most of the customers have entered the stage of settlement and leave, the salesmen do not have to visit them in person. But they should conduct telephone tracking of their orders every morning, and go into the workshop to track the production schedule of orders in the afternoon, which is to supervise the order data, the size and the packaging requirements, then find problems and solve them at any time, eventually to reduce quality objections to speed up the production schedule.

Safety in the workshop will always be put in the first place. You cannot take any chances on the problem and must carry through the principle of “three non-hurt”, that is, "do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, not be hurt by others". Toward the end of the year, each person must improve safety awareness in personal safety , and do a good job of security measures. At every node and process of production, you should carefully inspect the surrounding environment to see if there are any security risks, and the personnel operating the machinery and equipment should pay more attention to the surrounding environment and conditions, and do not let the equipment hurt others. The principle of "safety first, quality second, the third output value" should be always adhered to for work at the site.





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