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The Devil is in the Details

Time:2018-03-23 Source:huaye

In order to create a better office environment and reflect the corporate culture, the company has been working hard on the 5S management in the near future. We hope that each of our members can develop good habits, follow the rules and regulations to do the job and cultivate the proactive spirit. A person's quality, character, and emotional quotient can all be reflected from the small details of the work. Don't underestimate them during the usual work, which are crucial to our overall work. The so-called details determine the success or failure. For example, Items on the company's desk should be placed according to the prescribed position to keep the desktop neat and at the same time photographs and green plants should be placed in place. The photo is to be used as an incentive, always reminding us to work hard and keep positive. Meanwhile, the relevant administrative staff must also do a good job of inspection and supervision.

At the same time, 6S management of the workshop cannot be neglected, and we remind the staff of the cold-rolled slitting crew in Area B that no matter how many processing orders are and how busy processing tasks are, the finished products must be laid out in a specified position and cannot be stacked around the crew where the normal work and the traffic safety may be influenced. After that, the unit sanitation should be focused on. The oil pollution on the ground is a bit too much. Staffs should scrub the ground clean carefully when going to the warehouse to receive kerosene. Too many orders can not be an excuse to cover up the deficiencies of your own sanitation. Recently, the NO.10 bridge crane in area A has been repaired. Once the field staff have found problems in the later use of the equipment, he should report it to the machine maintenance staff no matter whether it would influence the normal operation.





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