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New Year, New beginning

Time:2018-02-23 Source:huaye

In the first working day after Spring Festival, most of our staff came to the office on time and everyone has remained full of energy. In order to reward this good behavior as well as welcome the new year, the company prepared a red pocket for each of them. A new year means a new beginning, the work of all stall should be started with a new way, and everyone should work harder, correct your shortcomings we have before during your work to improve our working quality. At the same time, everyone should make use of the advantages and good development trend of the company to increase the quantity of orders and transactions, and the quality of transactions as well as production.

There are many new employees joining our big family recently. In regard to safety production, we should inform new staff seriously of the safety regulations and focus on explaining the potential issues, which is more dangerous especially in the Slitting unit part. For example, standing on the side of strips is not allowed when winding packaging of coils. Although those new staff has the basic knowledge of working machines and cranes, safety problem still has the priority and should not be ignored. What’s more, senior employees have the responsibility of teaching new comers how to operate the machines in case there are much difference between the ones they are operating in our company and they used in their previous companies. New staff should study modestly and grasp the operating keys as soon as possible. In the next moment, Every Unit will receive a production daily book which is for recording the problems we meet, the correction schedule and the production quantity and so on. The monitor is responsible for recording them clearly and the administraors should review the book carefully.





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