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Enhance Improving and Maintaining Infrastructure Construction

Time:2018-04-13 Source:huaye

Our company has always insisted on taking effective measures to improve infrastructure construction and carrying out the work in safe and professional operational procedures, which requires that everyone should care for the supporting facilities in the areas he is responsible for. Last week, We make the arrangements about the sanitation for the cabinets placing the safety helmets in Area A, the relevant personnel in charge should also take the initiative to go to Area B for cleaning. Everyone must do their utmost to care for the basic health of their own areas. The safety standard operation has always been the key issue highlighted by the company, which involves the safety of each operator. And everyone must pay attention to operate in accordance with the standards strictly, and the company will also make corresponding assessments on violations of safety operations.

Starting from the April, we must pay attention to enhance cost control strictly about the expenditure of processing centers and accessories. For example, the machinery equipment in the factory are usually required to do spot checks, so that the cost of maintenance can be reduced. This week, the equipment department need to arrange relevant personnel to make random inspection on the completion status of the unit table about spot check, and if they find that there exist the blank content about inspection or oil shortage in the equipment of the unit, for every missing detail and fueling point, all the personnel of the unit would be assessed, including the equipment personnel if they fail to carry out their duties about spot check. This work must be performed with personal responsibility. The equipment inspection and maintenance are also the most important tasks in the company's daily work.





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