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Create a clean environment,Cultivate a meticulous attitude

Time:2018-05-04 Source:huaye

Recently, there are many tasks in the workshop, but the 6S management of on-site workshops still needs to be done well. The goods should be classified and arranged in a timely manner. The access vehicles road of inbound and outbound should be maintained at all times in a smooth and orderly manner. All personnel should not casually occupy safe passages due to the convenience of co-existence. After the daily morning meetings, the personnel specialists shall enter into the workshop to check the hygiene conditions and respond to the administrative department where the health situation is not up to standard, and then the administrative department must arrange for someone to clean it up in time, and health supervision must also be done in peacetime. The site manager should always keep track of the personnel sanitation. The clean and comfortable working environment can help us to work better and improve safety and security.

As for workshop inspection, equipment personnel need not only to inspect the machinery and equipment, but also to driving cranes. The track, the motor and others which are often overlooked should be taken seriously. When checking regularly, you should check the corners, pay attention to details, and inspect repeatedly. At the same time, the driver must fill out the checklist every day, take responsibility to someone, and implement the work meticulously. What the company needs is a person who has the ability, the ideal, and the people who can play it, and who can devote all his or her heart to the work, the natural selection and the survival of the fittest. It is hoped that every employee will pay more attention and increase their investment into the work.





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