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Strengthen Inspections on Equipment, Focus on Safe Production

Time:2018-05-25 Source:huaye

With the weather getting hotter, the equipment is easier to getting breakdown. The maintenance work of equipment and the purchasing work of components and parts must be implemented timely. The faulty equipment must be repaired in time, and the equipment inspection work must be completed, in order to make sure the regular processing progress. The workshop should be continued cleaning In this week. And during the cleaning process, you must pay special attention to the corners of the production line. Only when the machinery and equipment are frequently cleaned, can we detect the failure of the equipment and even prevent the failure. After the cleaning is completed, The administrative department shall make key sanitation inspection on the cleaned areas, including the processing and production office, the machine room, the warehouse, the operating platform and its tools, and the blade box, etc.

When working on site and operating the equipment, the processing personnel must have sufficient safety awareness and strictly follow the operating requirements to make sure your own safety. In addition, it in recent days have been relatively hotter, therefore, the issue of safety is underlined here again. Safety protective equipment such as hard hats must be worn well. When arranging protective shoes, it is necessary for you to ensure that no one is around yourself, and operate with caution. The personnel who operate the vehicle should also pay attention to the safety, and should not be sloppy. During work, you should take a good look at the position of the hook, and then operate to ensure safety for yourself and others. In the near future, the company shall also organize trains about safety production for equipment personnel and crews in order to enhance their comprehensive skills and safety awareness.





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