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Clear Work Ideas, Standardize Safety Operations

Time:2018-06-08 Source:huaye

It is a conservation law that giving and receiving are always proportional. In the process of implementing the work, we must put the working mentality right, clarify our own working ideas, do more thinking, position ourselves clearly and do the job conscientiously. Only in this way can we get the due reward and stable income, so that we can improve the quality of life for ourselves and families gradually. In addition, the heads of each crew should attach importance to keeping clear thinking at work, tracking the work of the crew in place and coordinating the detailed work of the workers. The heads also need to maintain standard words and deeds, operational procedures, and keep positive work attitude, which can guide the crew members to carry out the detailed work, play the role of example, and promote the overall progress of the crew.

In this week, we should focus on the implementation of the maintenance of special equipment such as travelling cranes, and the working details are arranged by the personnel who are in charge of equipment maintenance. We should emphasis on the inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine equipment. At the same time, the on-site operators must keep in mind the importance of standardized and safe operation, implement the operation norms about “four non-injury” resolutely and mutual supervision, to ensure personal safety of everyone. In addition, the inspection work of the plant area needs to be continuously strengthened, not only for on-line equipment hygiene inspection, but also for product quality inspection.





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