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Create the better working environment, promote the better brand image

Time:2018-06-22 Source:huaye

In the past two years, more and more company employees have purchased personal cars. In order to facilitate cars parking for employees, nearly 50 parking spaces have been added in the plant area. Employees who drive to and from work should regulate parking. The parking space at the entrance of the service center are provided to customers and the internal employees should avoid parking. In addition, when the customers want to know the production progress, the crew members should cooperate well to meet the reasonable requirements of the customers, guarantee both the quality and quantity, and present customers high-efficiency, high-quality, high-service, high-value of HuaYe. If packers find the packing machine and buttons damaged when they are packing, they should replace in time to ensure the quality of packaging and eliminate potential safety hazards. In addition, about the safety questions of the processing site, labor insurance products must wear standardized. The unused vehicles must be returned to the position by pressing the stop button, and the inspections should be conducted on time. The equipment personnel need to train the drivers how to check the cranes.





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