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Heatstroke Prevention and Safety Production

Time:2018-07-20 Source:huaye

The regular work should be carried out step by step and striving for steady with the premises of safety, quality and efficiency, and all of us must work in accordance with the standard procedures to ensure personal safety. First of all, it is getting hotter and hotter. The crew members should rest early in the evening, in order to ensure good sleep quality. We should rest immediately if we feel uncomfortable when working and can't work with illness. We should consider for our and other colleagues’ safety. At the same time, we should pay attention to personal hygiene, change clothes frequently, pay attention to ventilation in personal dormitories, and ensure that personal hygiene is clean and tidy. Secondly, the placement of goods in the workshop must be kept safe and tidy. The wedge and crosser should be placed in a flat and standardized manner. Crew who needs the wedge and crosser should be promptly fed back with the warehouse, and the warehouse should be supplied in time.

The person in charge of each crew should keep track of the working status of the crew members, pay attention to the mental status of the crew members on daily work, urge them to improve safety awareness, and eliminate potential safety hazards. In the process of processing, everyone must keep standard operation and have the spirit of responsibility. Since the customers give the order to the company, our company must ensure the quality of the processing and be responsible to the customers. At the same time, the work of saving material and controlling of processing costs should be continued. Especially in the use of auxiliary materials, the use of oil paper and steel strips can be used reasonably. Short steel strips can be made into packaging buckles for reuse. The cost saving often reflects in the details, and it is necessary for each person to carry out it continuously.





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