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Save the Cost, Better the Infrastructure

Time:2018-09-05 Source:huaye

The work about the infrastructure in the processing site need to refine and implement. The finished products should be stacked in accordance with the placing standards of goods, so as to facilitate the later packing operation. At the same time, the wedge and crosser should be placed correctly to ensure the safety of the site. In addition, as for saving of material and auxiliary material, oil paper and steel strip should be used reasonably when packing. For example, short steel strips can be retained and made into packing buckles to reuse. Lighting lights should be switched off in time after daybreak to save electricity. Cost saving is often reflected in details during our work, each employee should take the initiative to carry out the implementation. While reducing the cost of materials, every member of the company also increases the income, so that not only protects the company's interests, but also ensures personal benefits.

This week, the processing plant area and the warehouse were thoroughly cleaned and sorted out. All follow-up personnel do a good job about sorting and implementing in place. The finished rolled plates are neatly and centrally stacked, auxiliary materials and tools are placed in the right position. The expansion space after the adjustment is more conducive to the on-site packing work. At the same time, each crew leader should reflect on himself, and check whether the finished product area, raw material area, 6S in their own storage are in place, whether it has been up to the standards. Meanwhile, keep a clear working idea during the work, actively mobilize the initiative of the staff about devoting them wholeheartedly to work and having some achievement.





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