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Strengthen the Training of New Employees, Focus on On-site Basics

Time:2018-11-08 Source:huaye

Recently, more new employees have been employed, especially the front-line operators in the processing workshop. While advocating smiling service, firstly we should treat our colleagues with a smile. The main operations of each line should strengthen the training of new employees, and do a good job in demonstration and training from the aspects of production safety, operation process and packaging skills etc., so as to promote new employees to better adapt to the working environment and help them grow rapidly. At the same time, the heads of each department should follow up the completion of daily work of the department employees. Only by carrying out the work step by step can the work be effective and the employees grow gradually. It is also the selection and incentive for the employees.

In terms of on-site basics, the scrap bidding work has been completed recently. The work of releasing scrap from the warehouse should be completed within this week. The administrative department should follow up the work of on-site weighing to ensure the accuracy of the data. The main operators of each unit and the monitors of receiving and dispatching teams in each region should focus on following up the on-site hygiene. After the scrap being out of the warehouse, the on-site hygiene should be timely sorted out and the garbage should be cleaned up, the unpack oil paper should be recycled or orderly stacked to ensure the neatness and tidiness of the site. The unit members are responsible for sorting out the scrap generated by their units, and it is strictly forbidden to lay scrap everywhere to ensure the neatness of the scrap area. All departments shall coordinate to complete the work of releasing scrap from the warehouse.





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