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Ensuring On-Site Safety and Strengthening Basics Work

Time:2018-11-26 Source:huaye

On-site safety should be continuously valued. When the crew members are working on site, we should always pay attention to the on-site operating environment, pay attention to our own stations and standardize the operation process, so as to ensure our own safety. Regarding on-site safety issues, we must actively carry out feedback. In order to do a good job of safety precautions, we should rectify the potential on-site safety hazards in time. One more thing, everyone who are crew members or drivers and customers outside our company must wear helmets when entering the workshop. Crew members must supervise each other and do a good job of reminding the safety of outsiders.

After last week's implementation and reorganization of each unit, the work of on-site basics has been further improved. The further refinement and tracking should be strengthened, in order to take this work as a normalized work. The guardrail should be wiped and cleaned on time. The finished products, tools and accessories should be placed neatly. The hygiene should be cleaned up, the garbage should be classified and thrown into the designated trash can. Everyone should improve and implement the on-site basics work from the details, and treat the company as our own home. We try our best to protect the environmental hygiene of the factory area, so as to comprehensively improve the on-site operating environment.





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