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Working from the Customer's Perspective

Time:2018-12-12 Source:huaye

Our company belongs to the service-oriented manufacturing industry and has been aiming at serving customers well. Employees should maintain a good working attitude and service awareness and work from the customer's perspective.

Firstly, the crew members should pay attention to the processing quality to ensure that the processed products can meet processing requirements of customers. Secondly, the processing efficiency should be improved on the basis of ensuring the processing quality. The work efficiency can be improved through reasonable coordination of staff work. Customer service personnel should have the concept of time in order-receiving, order-placing, acceptance checking and releasing from the warehouse, so as to be timely and fast. The receiving and dispatching group should do well in daily delivery work. The machine repair group should do well in daily inspection and maintenance of machine. Each group cooperates with each other, so as to ensure processing efficiency. We should guarantee the quality and quantity of processing products for each order and deliver produced products to customers on time. Only in this way can we obtain the recognition of the customers, and customers can place the order again. Thirdly, we should ensure the quality of service. All links must be operated strictly in accordance with the norms, and attention should be paid to details. For example, there shouldn’t be any footprints, grease and dust etc. on wrapping papers.

All staff work cooperate with each other to ensure the processing quality and delivery time of customers’ orders, and guarantee service quality well. We maintain a stable cooperative relationship with customers, and increase the total output value of processing.





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